Friday, May 1, 2020


 It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, to make me marvel at a project's sheer absurdity. I LIVE in absurdity. I wrote comedy for nearly my entire career as a cartoonist, my life story is insanely unbelievable to the point of ridiculousness--hell, the next book I have coming out is called "Drinking Alone Digest". Absurdity is my jam, which is half the reason my brain is toast.

With this album, Dicqbeats is making me consider renouncing my vegetarianism just so I can have my toast with chicken.

The sheer irreverence permeates every single aspect of this project--playing live shows wearing a silicone anime girl mask (and playing up to this weebishness with tracks like "Stranger Danger", in which they implore you to "never leave your house/each and every day"), plundering and re-purposing everything in sight from lyrics (re-written Flowbots lyrics pepper the intro to "TACOTUESDAYEVERYDAY") to cover art, to their Instagram (literally a meme page dedicated, it seems, to convincing you that the existence of birds is a psy-op from the CIA) to even their Bandcamp bio ("A Pornstar gone wrong.")--Dicqbeats does not give a fuck.

None of this would matter if the music sucks. Fortunately, it most certainly does not. Atmospheric, noisy beats rattle jarringly against Nintendo-core-esque synths, with Dicq's screams and fierce, frantic raps punctuating the entire--surprisingly danceable--package.

You can pick up the album here, and you can listen to Episode 2 in which it premiered here.


Bleak Futures - The Sensationalist 
Eyeshadow 2600 FM - CyberSynth Dreams 
Idiot Fringe - Doob 
Quinton Barnes - AARUPA 
Fire-Toolz - All Deth Is U2 [CODENAME_GUIDED ACCESS] 
Dreams On Diskette - Famitracker does not work on my computer 
Helephino - 10.12.1492 
Jungheim - June 
DJ 行者 - S U B S E R V I E N T 
Chris Conde - Dance (Like No One Is Watching) 
Petridisch - Sleep Music (Part 1) 
SR388 - Shade 
Crystal Vessel - Awake In Bed Listening To The Midnight Rain 
Cum Gutter - Metemela 
Asbestos Lead Asbestos - La Petite Mort (TRACK PREMIERE)
Backxwash - Black Magic feat. Ada Rook 
Quinton Barnes - NONBINARY 
Navi - 19.2020 
Floodwater Angel - Wicked Little Town 
Helephino - DeepTryp 
Allergen - Last year 
Idiot Fringe - Adam From Beeston 
Navi - Natural Nineteen 
Wagemage - 5 () l () /\/\ () N ' 5 G Ä + Ë (Beherit) 
Bleak Futures - Rot 
Petridisch - Sure As Me 
Zen Albatross - US-984XN 
Fire-Toolz - The Pain Body (Wild Energy Spheres) 
WageMage - Slaughter Of The Harddrive 
MISANDR - Overtures Of Annihilation 
An Historic - Counter-Clock (TRACK PREMIERE)

Bump music for this episode: Elliot Spencer - The 8th Century


Bleak Futures - The Sensationalist
Wagemage - A F | |\| E |) A Y 2 D I ë (Bathory)
Stevia Sphere - New Age Website
Zen Albatross - Owners
Damn Selene - Fine Eyes (ft. Dug & Happy Tooth)
Jenn Taiga - Six Of Swords
Eyeshadow 2600 FM - Lips Like Her's (Byte Me)
melting - Road
Chris Conde - Open Your Heart
Fire-Toolz - Clear Light
Dicqbeats - Birds ARen't Real (Track Premiere)
Empty Pleasures - The Fair
DJ 行者 - E G R E G O R E
Nonlocal Forecast - Planck Lengths
Paternoster Poetry - Paternoster eleveator 2
Aoife - The Vampire
Wagemage - We Watch The Burning Head Explode
X. - Bastard Finally Kicked The Bucket (Abducted By Aliens Remix)
Eyeshadow 2600 FM - One More Night (With You)
Misandr - The Isolation Bred Between Exhaust And Respite
Crystal Vessel - Speechless
SR388 - papercup 420 special

Bump music for this episode: Monoaura - loading.dock.view

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Backxwash : God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It

Backxwash's newest stands out from the rest of her fantastic discography in many ways, but perhaps the most interesting is in the production--unlike her previous releases, the Montreal-based rapper has taken it into her own hands for this release for all but three tracks.

I bring this up because the record immediately starts with a flipped Ozzy Osbourne sample layered above a deathly 808 that would make $uicideboy$ take a second to get their bearings, and absolutely does not let up from there. If that doesn't sell you on this, I don't know what will.

Noisier, glitchier, and more aggressive than any release before it, Backxwash's third record bounces bars off the padded walls, at times straining and full of righteous anger (Into The Void immediately comes to mind, with Malldate's crunching guitar providing a driving, panic-inducing backdrop to Backxwash  verses, bouncing back and forth with a staccato, paranoid frenzy), at times soft and meditative as censer smoke in a darkened hall (track three, Black Magic, is a perfect example of this as Ada Rook's Manson-esque coos balance out the maniacal vocal samples that take the place of the clamor of high hats in the background). The production, full of feedback and distortion, absolutely shines bright against the dark, bleak lyricism.

You can check out the world premiere of the punishingly beautiful fourth track, Black Sheep, here on Episode 1 of identity.null, and you can (and absolutely should) pre-order the album, dropping May 30, here.